Top Papers

2017 Top Paper Awardees

First Place
Risk as Anxiety in Mental Illness: Negative Emotions, Coping Responses, and Campaign Engagement Intention
Jiyoung Lee and Hua Jiang, Syracuse

Second Place
Exploring the Effects of Character and Cued Typicality in Health Narratives
Jiangxue (Ashley) Han and Shanshan Lou, Appalachian State University

Third Place
Promoting Multivitamins to College Women: An Examination of Source, Message, and Audience Characteristics
Jennifer Ball, Temple University, Allison Lazard, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Michael Mackert, University of Texas

Fourth Place
Communicating the Flood: The Role of Communication During Extreme Weather Events in Shaping Climate Change Engagement
Ashley Anderson, Colorado State University


2016 Top Paper Awardees

First Place

Science in the Social Media Age: Profiles of Science Blog

Paige Jarreau and Lance Porter, Louisiana State

Second Place

Using Weight-of-Experts Messaging to Communicate Accurately
about Contested Science

Patrice Kohl and Sharon Dunwoody, Wisconsin-Madison

Third Place

Sharing Health-Related Information on Facebook: An Integrated Model;

Ming-Ching Liang, Metropolitan State

2015 Top Paper Awardees

First Place

Does Stigma against Smokers Really Motivate Cessation? A Moderated
Mediation Effect of Anti-smoking Campaign

Jinyoung Kim, Eric Meczkowski, Penn State and Xiaoxia Cao, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Second Place

Communal Risk Information Sharing: Motivations behind Voluntary
Information Sharing of Late Blight Infection in U.S. Agricultural Communities

Wang Liao, Connie Yuan, and Katherine McComas, Cornell

Third Place

“Weight-of-Evidence” Risk Messages about Genetically Modified
(GM) Foods: Persuasive Effects and Motivated Reasoning

Beatriz Vianna and Chris Clarke, George Mason University

Fourth Place

Social Representation of Cyberbullying and Adolescent Suicide: A Mixed-Method Analysis of News Stories

Rachel Young, University of Iowa; Roma Subramanian, Missouri, Stephanie Miles, University of Iowa, Amanda Hinnant, Missouri, Julie Andsager, Tennessee