Top Papers

2016 Top Paper Awardees

First Place

Science in the Social Media Age: Profiles of Science Blog

Paige Jarreau and Lance Porter, Louisiana State

Second Place

Using Weight-of-Experts Messaging to Communicate Accurately
about Contested Science

Patrice Kohl and Sharon Dunwoody, Wisconsin-Madison

Third Place

Sharing Health-Related Information on Facebook: An Integrated Model;

Ming-Ching Liang, Metropolitan State

2015 Top Paper Awardees

First Place

Does Stigma against Smokers Really Motivate Cessation? A Moderated
Mediation Effect of Anti-smoking Campaign

Jinyoung Kim, Eric Meczkowski, Penn State and Xiaoxia Cao, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Second Place

Communal Risk Information Sharing: Motivations behind Voluntary
Information Sharing of Late Blight Infection in U.S. Agricultural Communities

Wang Liao, Connie Yuan, and Katherine McComas, Cornell

Third Place

“Weight-of-Evidence” Risk Messages about Genetically Modified
(GM) Foods: Persuasive Effects and Motivated Reasoning

Beatriz Vianna and Chris Clarke, George Mason University

Fourth Place

Social Representation of Cyberbullying and Adolescent Suicide: A Mixed-Method Analysis of News Stories

Rachel Young, University of Iowa; Roma Subramanian, Missouri, Stephanie Miles, University of Iowa, Amanda Hinnant, Missouri, Julie Andsager, Tennessee