About Us

ComSHER: Communicating Science, Health, Environment and Risk is a Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

The members of ComSHER are dedicated to the pursuit of high quality mass communication scholarship and high academic and professional standards for mass communication education – particularly as these relate to science communication, health communication, environmental communication, and risk communication.

ComSHER was established in 1991 as the Science Communication Interest Group. It was renamed in 2009 and became a full division in August 2010.

Visit the ComSHER Constitution and Bylaws for more information about our charter.

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Our Contributions to AEJMC, the Field

Each August at the AEJMC annual conference, ComSHER leads multiple peer-reviewed research sessions, as well as teaching and professional freedom and responsibility panels. The rest of the year, our members work hard to pioneer SHER-related graduate and undergraduate mass communication programs and courses, and to contribute substantially to theoretically and methodologically rich research on science, health, environment and risk communication.

Indeed, high quality research is the hallmark of ComSHER. We maintain close ties with the journal Science Communication, and many of our members publish in and populate the editorial boards of other top SHER-related journals, including Health CommunicationJournal of Health CommunicationEnvironmental Communication, and Risk Analysis.

To help ensure that high quality research continues to be our hallmark for a long time to come, another goal of ComSHER is to actively mentor junior scholars who are pursuing the study of SHER communication. For example, each year ComSHER presents the $1000 Eason Award to the top SHER paper authored by a student or group of students.

ComSHER also works hard to build and maintain relationships with other AEJMC divisions and interest groups, as well as professionals and practitioners outside of AEJMC. These efforts enhance the inherently interdisciplinary nature of SHER communication practice and keep ComSHER relevant to the larger field of mass communication research.

Read the ComSHER Petition for Division Status to learn more about how we have grown and how we intend to make even stronger contributions to AEJMC in the future.