2016 ComSHER Article of the Year

by Sol Hart, Vice Head

I am happy to announce the ComSHER article of the year!

This is an award that ComSHER gives out every year to recognize the top article investigating how to communicate about science, health, the environment, and/or risk that was published in print during the previous year. An initial cut to the top 6 submissions is performed by ComSHER officers, and then a team of 5-7 experts of the field score these final articles for quality and likelihood for impact on the field. This year we received an excellent pool of submissions and the judging was incredibly close. Overall, the award is the top honor that ComSHER gives for excellence in published scholarship.

The winner of the ComSHER article of the year is:

Lee Ahern, Colleen Connolly-Ahern, & Jennifer Hoewe. (2016). Worldviews, issue knowledge, and the pollution of a local science information environment. Science Communication, 38(2), 228-250.

We also had a tie for second place. The two second place articles of the year are:

John C. Besley, Anthony D. Dudo, Shupei Yuan, & Niveen Abi Ghannam. (2016). Qualitative interviews with science communication trainers about communication objectives and goals. Science Communication, 38(3), 356-381.

Anthony Dudo & John C. Besley. (2016). Scientists’ prioritization of communication objectives for public engagement. PLoS ONE, 11(2), e0148867.

Congratulations to the winners!

Many thanks to all of the judges for reviewing submissions this year.

Make sure to read these articles; they represent the top work in our field!