ComSHER Teaching Panels at AEJMC 2017

Teaching Controversy in the Classroom: Best Practices for Engaging Students about Politically Contentious Science, Environmental, Health, and Risk Issues
Wednesday, August 9, 5 – 6:30 p.m.

Co-sponsors: ComSHER and Political Communication Interest Group

Bringing together junior and senior scholars with expertise in political and/or science/health/environmental/risk (SHER) communication, panel participants will discuss their best practices for teaching graduate and undergraduate students about the intersection of political and SHER communication. In particular, how can we effectively discuss motivated reasoning, political polarization, and other concepts in the classroom with the next generation of SHER/political communication scholars? The panel discussion will touch on must-have course readings, must-cover theoretical frameworks and topics, and must-do class assignments and activities.

Katie Abrams
Department of Journalism and Media Communication
Colorado State University

Zeynep Altinay
Department of Mass Communication
Iona College

Ashley Anderson
Department of Journalism and Media Communication
Colorado State University

Amy Bree Becker
Department of Communication
Loyola University Maryland

Sharon Dunwoody
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Public Relations, Public Health, Public Good: Preparing a New Generation of Nonprofit and Public Sector Communications Professionals
Wednesday, August 9, 8:15 – 9:45 a.m.

Co-sponsors: ComSHER and Public Relations Division

This panel will demonstrate varying approaches to prepare students for work in nonprofit public relations with a special focus on health, science, and the environment. Panelists will share their experiences with classroom innovation in this area, including examples of effective activities and case study suggestions that will help prepare students for the unique challenges within a non-profit career path.

Brooke McKeever
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
University of South Carolina

Geah Pressgrove
Reed College of Media
West Virginia University

Katherine Rowan
Department of Communication
George Mason University

Autumn Shafer
School of Journalism and Communication
University of Oregon

Christopher Wilson
School of Communications
Brigham Young University