Preliminary ComSHER Program Schedule Announced


This is the PRELIMINARY ComSHER program schedule for the 2015 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Presenters can refer to this to see the dates and times of their sessions, and to see the type of session (traditional presentation or peer-to-peer poster). Please note that this is a penultimate version of the program; it still requires AEJMC’s approval and it has not been copy edited. If you see a content error associated with your paper, please San Francisco, CA, USAemail me ( so I can try to fix it before the program is printed (e.g., some presenters do not have their institutions listed because this information was not entered into the AllAcademic system).

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The Tribeca Film Festival: A Handful of Health but Not Much Environment . . . and Zippo Science?!

By JoAnn Valenti, PhD, Emerita Professor

filmfestIt’s always helpful to find genre lists at a film festival press center. Let’s me know if my own lists conjured from the mountains of emails from HQ staff and hordes of publicists missed anything. Imagine my delight-turned-dismay finding a double-length table loaded with genre information at the April event in New York City with lists for “health” (N = 4 features plus 1 short), “environment” (N = 3 features plus 3 shorts), and nary a “science” nor “risk” list. What I had anticipated as at least a few possible science films morphed into “technology” (N = 4 including a duplicate from the health genre title, plus 3 shorts) or “horror/sci-fi.” Among the lengthier genre lists were “female-centric,” “activism,” “family dynamics,” and several variations of LTBG/transgender issues. Here’s a tip for those of you who may decide covering these festivals is “fun”: Ask for genre lists by format—drama, shorts, documentary; allows you to define terms and saves time for screening potentially appropriate shorts on your own schedule. (Shorts typically run less than 15 minutes max, and PR will typically send links.)

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