Science Communication: A Busy Fall, an Exciting Spring, Open Access Options, and Warm Thanks to Everyone!

Susanna Priest

The October 2014 issue of Science Communication: Linking Theory and Practice contains a range of articles that provide great examples of the range of issues that concern us: from media discussion of health care policy (by Caroline Foster and colleagues) to the media image of sharks (Jessica Gall Myrick and Suzannah Evans); media representation of sociolinguists as “experts” (Jürgen Jaspers); social media (“Weibo”) as a source of food safety information in China (Yi Mou and Carolyn Lin); the dissemination of new knowledge about the brain to an unengaged public (Cliodnha O’Connor and Helene Jaffe); and a diffusion of innovations approach to renewable energy information (Kami Silk and colleagues). Continue reading