• AEJMC 2017: Call for panel proposals


    Call for Panel Proposals
    for the 2017 Convention in Chicago, IL

    Due Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
    Fully realized panel proposals are welcome, but ideas-in-progress are also invited. Given the nature of the panel scheduling process, it is common for panelists to be added and panel types/titles revised based on co-sponsorship with other divisions. Please note that CCS sole-sponsored panel proposals will be considered. However, the majority of AEJMC panels tend to be co-sponsored across divisions and interest groups. Only submit your panel proposal to ONE division or interest group.

    Email your completed form to CCS Vice Head Madeleine Esch, madeleine.esch@salve.edu.


    Tentative Panel Title

    Remember that broad titles will encourage other groups to co-sponsor.

    Panel Type (choose one): Research, Teaching, or PF&R ?

    About the panel types:

    ·       Research panels highlight recent scholarship on a particular a theme or united by theoretical or methodological approaches/debates.

    ·       Teaching panels provide tips for creative pedagogy, critical reflection or debate on topics relevant to integrating cultural and critical studies perspectives in the classroom.

    ·       Professional Freedom & Responsibility panels address any of the five PF&R subject areas.  Those five areas are (1) Free Expression, (2) Ethics, (3) Media Criticism and Accountability, (4) Racial, Gender and Cultural Inclusiveness, and (5) Public Service. More information on these areas is available on the AEJMC Web site at http://www.aejmc.org/home/2011/03/ethics-prf/

    Potential Co-Sponsors

    Indicate other AEJMC divisions or interest groups for which this proposal might prove relevant. For a full list of divisions and groups, visit http://www.aejmc.org/home/about/groups/

    Panel Description

    Provide a 300-600-word explanation of the key issues to be addressed by the panelists.

    Possible Panelists

    Identify 3-4 individuals who would be appropriate participants for this panel (with contact information) and indicate whether they have already been contacted about the panel idea. If you know that a proposed panelist is a member of the potential co-sponsoring division, please list that here.

    Possible Moderator

    This can be you or someone you nominate to moderate the panel.

    Contact Person

    Include your name, affiliation, e-mail and telephone number.


    Please contact CCS Vice Head Madeleine Esch at madeleine.esch@salve.edu

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